Simsa Marko : The Four Seasons : Vivaldi for children

Simsa Marko : The Four Seasons : Vivaldi for children

Artikel-Nr.: 978-3-8337-2562-3

A concert with birdsong, thunder and sleeping shepherds for people aged 5 and above.

Marko Simsa's popular production of The Four Seasons is now available in English - for native speakers and all those who would like to learn English in a pleasantly musical way. The British actor Howard Nightingall takes us through Vivaldi's well-known masterpiece in a charming and easy-to-follow manner, explaining the musical images, such as the song of the birds in spring, the heat in summer, thunderstorms and dancing in autumn, and the sharp cold of winter.

There is a booklet with information in two languages and a vocabulary list.

Table of contents:
The song of the birds
The dance of the nymphs with the shepherds
The burning heat
The sleeping shepherds
Stormy weather
The peasants dance to celebrate the happy harvest
Trembling with cold amidst the freezing wind
Stamping feet
Teeth chattering
Spending quiet contented days by the fire
A year has passed

Autor : Marko Simsa
Sprecher : Howard Nightingall
Art : Geschichte mit Musik in Englisch
Alter : ab 6 Jahren
Umfang : 1 CD
Zeit : 75 Minuten
Verlag : Jumbo

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